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1st Scientific Workshop - Analytical Methods in Thermo- and Aeroacoustics

(Keele University, UK, 11 March 2020)

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Outline Timetable

This workshop is designed for early-stage researchers on the project. However, external researchers from outside the POLKA network are welcome to attend as well, at a cost of £95.00, which includes lunch and refrreshments. Please download the document below for full registration information:

Timetable & Registration Information for External Researchers

Maria Heckl - Green's function methods in thermoacoustics
Video  (58:53)    |   PDF of Slides

Yannis Hardalupas - The importance of hydrodynamics on the initiation of thermoacoustic oscillations
Video  (1:02:33)    |   PDF of Slides

R.I. Sujith - Complex systems approach to investigate thermoacoustic instability in turbulent combustors
Part 1: Time series analysis   Video  (41:14)    |    PDF of Slides
Part 2: Spatio-temporal analysis and directions for future research   Video  (49:17)    |    PDF of Slides

Aswathy Surendran - Passive control of thermoacoustic instabilities by heat exchangers
Video  (26:35)    |    PDF of Slides     You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player for this presentation.

Maria Heckl & Sreenath M. Gopinathan - Flame models for thermoacoustics
Video  (1:02:40)    |    PDF of Slides

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2nd Scientific Workshop - Experimental methods in aeroacoustics

(KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 19-20 October 2020)

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Hans Bodén - Introduction to plane wave decomposition and two-port analysis in flow duct acoustics
Video  (51:59)    |    PDF of Slides

Mats Åbom - Multi-mode measurements in flow ducts and applications
Video  (1:04:27)    |    PDF of Slides

Hans Bodén - Uncertainty quantification in experimental aeroacoustics
Video  (43:31)    |    PDF of Slides

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3rd Scientific Workshop - Analytical methods in thermo- and aeroacoustics

(Siemens Industry Software, Leuven, Belgium, 24-26 October 2021)

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Christophe Schram - Introduction to Acoustic Analogies
Video  (1:54:51)    |    PDF of Slides

Sophie le Bras - Introduction to Computational Aeroacoustics: sources and propagation
Video  (1:19:27)    |    PDF of Slides

Hadrien Bériot - Acoustic propagation in non-reacting flows
Video  (43:31)    |    PDF of Slides

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4th Scientific Workshop

(TUM, Munich, Germany, 27-29 April 2022)

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Camilo Silva - Overview of Low Order Network Modeling
Generalities of Thermoacoustic Instabilities PDF of Slides
About the Wave Equation for Reacting Flows PDF of Slides
Generalities of Thermoacoustic Network Models PDF of Slides
The Galerkin Approach to ‘reduce’ models in thermoacoustic PDF of Slides

Camilo Silva - Generalities on the Acoustic Flame Response
PDF of Slides

Wolfgang Polifke - ITA Modes
PDF of Slides

5th Scientific Workshop

(Ansaldo Energia, Genoa, Italy, 20-21 September 2022)

(Workshop Materials are confidential to Ansaldo Energia and cannot be shared here)

Alberto Amato - Introduction to combustion in gas turbines

Giovanni Campa & Francesco Gant - Thermoacoustics in industrial applications

Frédéric Boudy - Passive damping systems in industrial applications

Patricia Sierra Sanchez & Giuseppe Spataro - Introduction to industrial gas turbines operations

Luis Tay Wo Chong - Difference in working and doing research in industry and academia

6th Scientific Workshop

(Keele University, UK, held in Montestigliano, Italy, 13-17 March 2023)

(Workshop Information and Materials will be uploaded here when available)

Lecture Series by senior POLKA Scientists

  • Wolfgang Polifke - Convective waves in thermoacoustic combustion instability

  • Mico Hirschberg - Aero-acoustics of flue organ pipes

  • Driek Rouwenhorst - Patenting

  • Susann Boij & Mikael Karlsson - Giving an Overview Presentation of your subject area

Lecture Series on Experimental methods in Thermoacoustics

  • Claire Bourquard - Noisy dynamical systems

  • Preethi Rajendram Soundararajan - Predicting combustion instabilities of annular combustors using flame describing functions