POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement

Open Positions

15 PhD positions were available in 5 work packages within the POLKA Network.

Update - November 2022: A 7-month fixed term position is available at Keele University, working on Task 3.2 - now closed.

Eligible candidates have to satisfy two criteria:

Mobility. ESRs need to move to a country where they have not resided for more than 12 months in the previous 3 years. Details can be found on page 4 of the European Commission's Guide to ESR Recruitment.

Early career. ESRs need to be in the first 4 years of their research careers and not hold a doctoral degree. Details can be found on page 7 of the European Commission's Guide to ESR Recruitment.

The research topics of all positions in the POLKA Network are summarised in the table below, together with the corresponding hosts and host countries. Each task is a 36-month PhD project for an ESR (Early Stage Researcher). Click on the links in the table below to find out more.

A grey row indicates that the position has already been filled.

Task Research Topic Host Country
1.1 Sound absorption mechanisms in micro-perforated plates with grazing flow and under hot conditions KTH Sweden
1.2 Linear and nonlinear sound absorption mechanisms in flexible micro-perforated plates TUE NL
1.3 Instability control by acoustic damping devices SISW Belgium
2.1 Scaling laws for the effect of hydrogen content on flame dynamics and thermoacoustic frequencies TUM Germany
2.2 Dynamics of hydrogen flames and retro-fitting engines SISW Belgium
2.3 Influence of increased fuel reactivity on gas turbine combustion dynamics AEN Italy
3.1 Interaction between thermoacoustic instability and flashback KU UK
3.2 Nonlinear coupling of thermoacoustic modes modelled by a Green's function approach KU UK
3.3 Optimisation of a prototype thermoacoustic system with an adjoint approach UNIGE Italy
4.1 In-situ monitoring of combustion systems with longitudinal thermoacoustic modes IfTA Germany
4.2 High-fidelity simulation of nonlinear dynamics of turbulent flame TUM Germany
4.3 Temperature measurement with new generation of optical fibres PISA Italy
5.1 Instabilities in boilers with complex thermoacoustic properties TUE NL
5.2 Development of a heat engine for hydrogen-rich fuel mixtures BEK NL
5.3 Passive instability control by finned tubes KTH Sweden


Each task is part of a work package. See the Research Tasks for more information and a diagram showing how the tasks are interlinked.