POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement

Online Lectures

POLKA Lectures

Title Date Authors(s) Description
POLKA 6th Scientific Workshop Spring
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POLKA 5th Scientific Workshop Autumn
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POLKA 4th Scientific Workshop Winter
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POLKA 3rd Scientific Workshop Autumn
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POLKA 2nd Scientific Workshop Summer
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POLKA 1st Scientific Workshop 11 March
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TANGO Resources

These resources are taken from the TANGO website

Title Date Authors(s) Description
Sound Connections Nov
Ines Lopez Artega Inaugural Lecture at TU Eindhoven
(55 minutes)
TANGO 6th Scientific Workshop Sept
Sergio Camporeale
Alessandro Bottaro
Antonio Andreini
A series of lectures about Industrial Aspects of Thermoacoustics
Engineering Mathematics for a Greener Future Mar
Maria Heckl Inaugural Lecture at Keele University
(44 minutes)
TANGO 5th Scientific Workshop Mar
Sjoerd Reinstra
Ines Lopez Artega
Rick Scholte
A series of lectures about Sound / structure
TANGO 4th Scientific Workshop Sept
Maria Heckl
Camilo Silva Garzon
Sebastien Ducruix
Raphael Assier
A series of lectures about Analytical Methods in Thermoacoustics
TANGO 2nd Scientific Workshop Feb
Maria Heckl
Wolfgang Polifke
Simon Hochgreb
Arun Tangirala
R.I. Sijith
S. R. Chakravarthy
Sweataprovo Chaudhuri
A series of lectures about Experimental Methods in Thermoacoustics


Other Useful Resources

Title Date Authors(s) Description
R.I.Sujith RSTV Eureka Lecture 2019 R.I. Sujith An outreach lecture on national TV about themoacoustics and dynamical systems
(30 minutes)
S.R. Chakravarthy Lecture Series 2016 S.R. Chakravarthy 51 lectures about aerospace combustion
n3l Summer School Lectures 2013 Matthew Juniper
Tim Lieuwen
Nicolas Noiray
Christian Oliver Paschereit
Guillame Penelet
Ganesh Raman
R.I. Sujith
A series of lectures about non‑normal and nonlinear effects in thermo- and aeroacoustics
R.I.Sujith Lecture Series 2012 R.I. Sujith 41 lectures about acoustic instabilities in aerospace propulsion
Matthew Juniper Lectures 2007 - 2013 Matthew Juniper A series of lectures about
theoretical aspects of thermo- and aeroacoustics
Lectures Series from the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Film archive 1970s Various 21 videos with notes explaining the basics of fluid mechanics
Videos by Poldevaart et al 1970s L. Poldervaart
G. Vossers
A.P.J. Wijnands
Shadowgraph flow visualisations of gas jets made at
TU Eindhoven