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Ansaldo Energia

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Ansaldo Energia is one of the world’s leading players in the sector of power generation plants and components. Founded in 1853, Ansaldo Energia is a full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turn-key power plants using its own technologies and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources. Ansaldo Energia  currently employs over 4,500 people and has an international presence through local companies and branch offices worldwide. The broad-based presence allows the group to  react quickly to customers' needs and to offer them its high value proposition. Ansaldo Energia supplies a complete portfolio of gas turbines in class E (AE94.2), class F (AE64.3A, AE94.3A and GT26) and class H with the development of the GT36. Ansaldo Energia Switzerland is engaged in the development of technologies, products, sales, project execution and the provision of after-sales services of heavy duty gas turbines. Ansaldo Energia Switzerland employs about 450 people.  

Ansaldo is supervising the ESR for research task 2.3.