POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement

Research Tasks

Task 2.3 Influence of increased fuel reactivity on gas turbine combustion dynamics

This task will investigate the impact of hydrogen addition in natural gas on flame stability and dynamics for industrial gas turbine burners. This task will include both numerical and experimental activities. Numerical simulations (using Fluent) will be performed to determine the flame transfer function (FTF) for different amounts of hydrogen in the fuel mixture and compared to the available experimental data obtained in single burner test rigs. These FTFs will be incorporated into a model for the complete combustion system, and stability maps will then be generated from this model for gas turbine engines. Once validated, the model will be used to explore novel configurations with the aim to find practical methods of passive instability control and develop general guidelines or simplified models of the change in FTF with fuel reactivity (i.e. with increasing content of hydrogen).

Supervisor: Dr Giovanni Campa
Host: Ansaldo Energia

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