POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement

Research Tasks

Task 1.3 Instability control by acoustic damping devices

This task will develop fast numerical codes for the frequency domain, using high-order finite element methods combined with acoustic propagation models. The codes will be tailor-made to simulate perforated plates and more complex acoustic damping devices (e.g. perforated plates backed by a porous material and/or a cavity). Such devices are characterised by several design parameters, and various designs will be investigated by exploring the parameter space. A "digital twin" of a complete generic combustion system will then be produced (Gikadi et al 2014), where the flame will be modelled by the flame transfer functions obtained in task 2.1 for different hydrogen concentrations. This will make it possible to test perforated plates and related damping devices as means to prevent thermoacoustic instabilities of hydrogen flames.

Supervisor: Dr Sophie Le Bras
Host: Siemens Industry Software

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