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UnternehmerTUM is the largest centre for innovation and business creation in Europe, with more than 170 employees. The university-based centre has been successfully driving innovation by supporting 50 innovation and start-up projects every year. Activities cover all stages from pre-start-up to growth. UnternehmerTUM runs an accelerator (TechFounders), a high-tech workshop of 1500m2 (MakerSpace) and a venture capital fund and is involved in an intense international entrepreneurial network. Every year UnternehmerTUM offers dozens of seminars, lectures and workshops, attended by over 1000 participants, on topics such as Entrepreneurship for scientists; Commercialising research results; Analysing the market and competitors; Developing innovative business models; Project management and leadership. UnternehmerTUM actively identifies innovative technologies and initiates new ventures by systematically matching talents, technology, capital and markets. The key areas are ICT, Cleantech and Healthcare.