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Sontech (founded in 1987) is the market leader in the area of noise-damping solutions and products which lead to better sound comfort. Its main market is the OEM sector (i.e. manufacturers of original equipment such as machines and vehicles) and the building sector (including designers of indoor environments) in northern Europe. Sontech specializes in sound damping in harsh environments with high demands for fire safety, thermal resistance, accessibility, life time and environmental impact. They are the inventor and commercial producers of micro-perforated plates (MPPs), which are marketed under the name "Acustimet". These are sound-absorbing panels for lining the interiors of engine enclosures and hoods in tractors, trucks, construction machinery, etc. By varying the geometry of the perforations and the material parameters, the acoustic performance of an MPP is tailored to meet a multitude of specifications in various applications. Sontech employs 13 people; 3 of them are consultants with M.Sc. degrees in acoustics.