POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement

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The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven conducts teaching, research, and services in the sciences, engineering, humanities, medicine, law, and social sciences. KU Leuven has 57,284 (June 2015) students, employs 11,769 people (excluding the University Hospitals) and totals up operating revenues to €933 million in 2014. The KU Leuven Noise and Vibration Research Group currently counts over 100 researchers and is part of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Doctoral training is provided in the framework of the Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School. Its facilities include a fully equipped noise and vibration measurement laboratory, a small semi-anechoic chamber, a dedicated test-suite for vibro-acoustic characterisation of light-weight panel structures, a high-dynamic 6-dof CUBE shaker table for component and full system testing, dedicated test-rigs for dynamic component analysis and a 314 node Linux HPC cluster.