POLKA - Pollution Know-how and Abatement


Yokeswaran Subramanian

Yokeswaran Subramanian

Early Stage Researcher for Task 3.1 at Keele University.

Born in Kerala, India.

BE: Aeronautical Engineering at Anna University, India (2017)
MSc: Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University, AL, USA (2019)

Work History:
  • Research Assistant in Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University
    "Spatial instability analysis of hydrodynamics in solid rocket motors with particles"
  • Teaching Assistant for Physics I at Auburn University

Areas of Interest:
  • Hydrodynamics of simulated solid Rocket motors with particulates
  • Combustion dynamics of lean premixed flames with flashback

Other Interests:
In his free time Yokesh likes to play badminton and cricket and his hobbies include video games and android app development.

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